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The thief made a wrong turn and we cornered him at the waterfall overlook. Then, he jumped. Nevertheless, we still need to meet and discuss it. The face often betrayed the mind. At the entrance to the caves, the three stripped down to their uniforms and left their clothes in a room off the entrance. They then proceeded down to the main Cavern, where they found many of the Brethren already standing in a circle. Diavoro joined the circle, tapping two brothers who parted to let him in. They then resealed the circle.

They all stood facing the center, where Brother Uriel stood, naked, as presiding leader over the meeting. Still more Brothers joined, and for a while they remained facing the center while they waited for the circle to be complete. After a few moments of silence, Brother Uriel touched his right forefinger and middle finger to his lips, while he wrapped his left hand around his shaft.

On this cue, Diavoro closed his hands around cock and butt, and felt his own cock and butt clasped in the hands of his Brothers.

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The Erasaph Seed has been stolen. I can only guess that the thief wishes to activate the seed. The thief escaped by jumping into the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. He may no longer be alive, but we cannot be too cautious.

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First, we need a team of men to scour the forest and town nearby. The sooner the better. Second, we need a team of divers to look and see if the thief was lost to the waterfall, and more importantly, if the Seed is in the waters. He would be expected to participate in one of the groups, and it had to be the group that searched the town.

There was one other person in the Brethren, at least that he knew of, who wanted to see the Erasaph Seed released. All they had to do was get to his house and his dark magic would protect them. About ten men stood. Brother Varn will show you where the thief jumped and where to look. The rest of you, search the forest and the town around here.

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You are to report back here at nightfall. Is that understood? The Brethren uniform was never to be seen outside of the caves.

He shut the door behind him and waited for a few moments. Standing there, he noticed his pulse quicken. His eyes drifted to the table in the middle of the room, where the ancient tome detailing the Ritual of Germination lay open on the table. The door opened and Brother Ilix walked in. Diavoro smiled, then embraced Ilix, their lips coming together in a passionate kiss.

They broke off their embrace, and Diavoro faced the door, raising his hands. He spoke ancient, long-lost words, and power blossomed around him, and he could feel it wrap itself around the house, protecting them. Ilix nodded. He stripped off his clothes, then went to his drawer. Inside lay a collection of charcoal sticks.

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He took one and drew the ancient symbol of knowledge on his forehead, the symbol of power on his chest, and the symbol of magic on his stomach. On the bed the Seed waited, and he pulled it from under his pillow. It gleamed with a dark luster. As he touched it, his heart beat faster. For the first time, he felt real fear. This was the end of life as he knew it. He took a deep breath. The Seed would grow. He slipped his fore and middle finger inside his mouth, then rubbed the saliva over the surface of the Seed. The green runes turned a deep blue. He then coaxed a few drops of precum out of his cock.

He rubbed it on the Seed, and the runes glowed red, like fire. As if in a trance, he laid down on the bed, holding the Seed over his chest. An eerie pull guided it onto the Symbol of Power, and he let it rest there. For a moment, all was still, and then the Seed began to emit light, blinding light, and his chest burned. Diavoro screamed. The Seed seared his chest, and it sent his brain reeling. He could feel an enormous pressure forcing the Seed inside him, and his body melting to accept it. All his muscles seized, and his body was filled with pain.

It all lasted a moment, and then it was gone, leaving him breathless. Heart pounding, he brushed a finger across the spot where the Seed entered his chest, to find that the charcoal did not smear. He lifted himself up and stood, discovering that the symbols had been burned into his skin.

For a brief moment, he was terrified, but some power awakened inside him, and his cock pulsed and energy bloomed in his chest. He turned towards the door, a new hunger awakened in him.

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All the furniture was moved to the outside of the room, and the carpet had been stripped off the floor. The blinds were all drawn and pinned to the wall, blocking out all sunlight, and the room was lit by eight bowls of burning oils arranged in a circle. Inside the circle, Ilix had chalked the Great Seal, the shape of the Seed caged by to curves that resembled ropes.

Before long, the Seal would be burned away.


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Diavoro went down and laid on top of the seal, stretching out his arms and legs, offering his body as a host for the Seed. As he lay there, Ilix emerged from the shadows.

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Like Diavoro he had the symbol of knowledge on his forehead, and the symbol of magic on his stomach, but it was the symbol of sacrifice that adorned his chest. A wave of lust pulsed through him as Ilix stood over his body, holding a small leather pouch. They fell soft on his skin, soothing, and fueling his burning desire. Once he emptied the pouch, Ilix cast it aside, then spread his arms and proclaimed the Ancient Words, summoning the magic of the past.

The fires snuffed out, leaving them in darkness. The fires sparked into life, burning a deep crimson. He desperately wanted to fuck him, but the ritual had marked him as the vessel. Ilix maneuvered off of him and they kneeled, kissing with the slow fervor of a growing thunderstorm. Diavoro pulled Ilix as close as he could, so that their chests and stomachs and cocks burned against each other.